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What software do you use to record?
I use Fraps for the old games and Mirillis Action! for the newest games.
Will you play [GAME NAME] with me?
Yes, I will play with you, but you must respect these rules: When you add me, make sure to tell me what game you want to play and if you are Noob, Medium or Expert at it; Do not chat with me, get straight to the point, ask me if I want to play with you! ( I have 15.000 Subscribers, I have to stay all day to chat only with 300-400 of them ); If you have me on Skype,Steam,Gameranger & Facebook, always talk with me on Skype; Do not expect me to remember you, I will forget you, that is for sure, I can’t remember 15.000 names sadly; I will play with you 2 matches, but no more, there are others that want to play with me too, let them have a chance; Make sure to have the same version of the game as mine; Make sure you have played the game Multiplayer before. This is my skype id: sergiu_cadar