Cossacks 3 Review
A modern remake of the classic Cossacks series.

Review based on 15 hours of gameplay for Cossacks 3 posted on 20 September 2016

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Cossacks 3 is the 3D version of Cossacks Series ( for those who don't know: Cossacks: Back to War, Cossacks: The Art of War, Cossacks: European Wars ). It's something we've all been waiting for, although the ( in my opinion ) developers had a difficult choice to make: postpone the release date of Cossacks 3 or stick to 20th September . I am very happy with their choice, but to be fair, the developers needed a tiny bit more time to address some little bugs.



Although Cossacks 3 it's a 3D remake of the Cossacks Series, it comes with new Campaigns, the first Campaign acts as a tutorial and it touches both areas: economy and warfare. The rest of the Campaigns are hard as hell ( I played them on the hardest difficulty level ), everything has a story behind, they even added some fun parts ( SPOILER: in the first mission Disrupting Enemy Schemes, there is a Merchant which makes you an offer, he says that he will bring a lot of peasants to you for 10000 Gold. Guess what? I paid 10000 Gold, I fought my battles, I finished the mission and I realized: "That bastard never came back!" ) and so the campaigns have the same elements as in the Cossacks Series.



This is the mode I enjoyed the most in Cossacks. It's very similar, I could say the same, with what Cossacks Series has. I noticed some elements are missing though, for example: you can't choose if the map is Desert or Grass neither you can't choose the size of the map, it's based on the number of players and most of the time you just get the biggest map possible. There is still work to be done to the AI, although you may find yourself in a difficult situation when you fight the AI ( which by the way has difficulty levels ), you can put the AI in a very bad situation if you choose to fight on a map with Islands, sometimes even the hardest AI fails to become as powerful as it can when put on such a map. Overall the experience in Skirmish mode is great, if you are an aggressive player or if you are the type that likes to build a fort or a big city with a flourishing economy you can find all those elements in Cossacks 3.



This is where Cossacks 3 struggles the most, there are a lot of crashes and a lot of bugs when someone tries to play multiplayer. I know these issues will get fixed in a few days and I can't wait to be able to play and remove certain sentences from my review ( sentences regarding bugs ). I managed to play a 1vs1 for now, the rooms are constantly moving (because new rooms are created) and it's very hard to keep track and you must move fast when you double click. When you want to kick a player you have to be SUPER fast, otherwise the submeniu will dissaper. From four attempts, I managed to play one match only.


Map Editor

This tool is amazing but not functional yet. I managed to play a bit with it when the game wasn't released ( because the developers gave me access to the game prior release date ). I can say I palced 20.000 units in a battle and it worked amazing, the game is really stable.

Overall I am hyped about Cossacks 3, the game looks and feels amazing, I am happy they decided to make a 3D remake of the Cossacks Series and I look forward for other game developers like Firefly Studios or Haemimont Games to take the initiative and remake their Good Old Strategy Games in 3D as GSC Game World did with their Cossacks Series.

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    What's Good!    
+   3D Graphics
+   Unlimited units and buildings
+   Great music
+   Great battles
+   Great game



    What's Bad!    
  A few bugs which will get fixed soon